„Създаване на инструментариум за осигуряване на качеството при предоставяне на услуги по подкрепена заетост“

  • Tools for SE Specialist Project Team participated Pendik Job Fair

    Project Team participated 7th Job Fair organized by Pendik Municipality on 17th November 2016 in Istanbul, Turkey. There were 16 companies represented by HR teams to meet with potential employees. More than 500 employees registered and visited the stands of the companies.

    Project Team found a chance to talk with representatives of the companies and gave project general information and piloting process details to register online learning system and follow the training activities.

  • Project presented on workshop for cross border project

    Tools for SE Specialist Project presented on workshop for "INTERREG crossborder projects between Slovenia and Austria" on 9th June 2016 in Radenci, Slovenia.

  • Project presented on workshop for vocational rehabilitation providers

    Tools for SE Specialist Project presented on workshop for providers of vocational rehabilitation - Austrian model of modular training programme for the experts in vocational rehabilitation (lectured by Ingrid Pammer from BBRZ Austria), in Maribor on 6th July 2016.

  • Project Team visited Togemder Special Education Job School

    Project Team visited TOGEMDER Special Education Job School in Istanbul at 2nd June 2016. This school built by Social Development Center Education and Social Solidarity Association (TOGEMDER) supported by Presidency of the Republic of Turkey. In Turkey, Individuals with physical or mental deficiency younger than 21 years old and graduated from elementary school attend job schools.

    Project trainers from IMU and UBITED informed teachers how to manage internship with 3days of the week for 2 semesters with volunteers help on and off job support. Trainers showed some practical examples to teachers as support activities to use in accommodation and hotel services, catering services, furniture and interior design, handcraft technologies activities.

  • Project Team participated info-meeting at Down Syndrome Association

    Project Team participated info-meeting at Down Syndrome Association in Istanbul, Turkey at 30th May 2016. After getting information from the representatives of the NGO about their local and national activities, project and campaigns. Project staff from UBITED gave information how to manage effectively down syndrome health clinic, career and independent living academy, job coaching activities by volunteers in the organization.

  • Project Team visited Smiling Down Cafe

    Project team visited Smiling Down Cafe in Istanbul at 7th May 2016. This cafe has something very unique and that is for everyone who visits the cafe immediately visible. In the cafe, customers namely served by very friendly staffs that have down syndrome.

    Project team informed the professional instructors, special education teacher and volunteers from catering service how to work with those special workers, how to organize training in dealing with visitors, how to take orders and how to serve. The staff with down syndrome are engaged with their volunteer brothers or sisters who may accompany them when they for instance are tired or do not understand something.

  • Project presented to the local minorities representatives

    Tools for SE Specialist Project presented to the local minorities representatives in Centre for Vocational Rehabilitation in URI-SOCA, in Murska Sobota unit, 26th May 2016.

  • Group working activity with young volunteers organized in Istanbul

    Tools for SE Specialist Project Management Team was organized a group working activity with young volunteers to increase the sensitivity and awareness of the participants through disabled people at 2nd April 2016 in Istanbul. Participants discussed in small groups and presented their works to other participants. Discussed topics were:

    - how do we help disabled in different ways?

    - how do we make their life easy?

    - how do we share our ideas with them whether blind, non-hearing or with down syndrome.

  • Second management meeting organized in Plovdiv-Bulgaria

    Tools for SE Specialist Project second management meeting held in Plovdiv on 14th and 15th April 2016. During the meeting, each partner presented survey results and literature review.

    Plans and approach to “comparative findings and key specific aspects of the research” presented and group discussion on these plans and approaches done to reach a consensus on a strategy and interview that is usable and acceptable to the populations that project partners will be working with.

  • Kick-off meeting organized in Istanbul-Turkey

    Tools for SE Specialist Project kick-off meeting was held in Istanbul on 16th and 17th October 2015. All partner organizations represented during the meeting and objectives of the kick-off meeting were;

    - To explore the possibilities offered by the Erasmus+ Program,

    - To underline the importance of blended learning at lifelong learning projects,

    - To underline the importance of supported employment and job coaching services,

    - To produce a common training and activity program for supported employment specialists,

    - To define agreed time scale and deadline for each intellectual outputs,

    - To define agreed roles of partner organizations for each activities,

    - To create project management group,

    - To discuss project intellectual outputs,

    - To learn details of previous projects of partners and adaptable ideas for the project,

    - To learn national VET system in partner countries,

    - To visit 2 sample organizations related with job coaching.

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Този проект (2015-1-TR01-KA202-021686) е финансиран от програма „Еразъм +“ на Европейската комисия. Настоящата публикация излага само възгледите на автора,

като Комисията не носи отговорност за изчерпателността и верността на информацията, посочена тук, нито за възможните начини за нейната употреба.